Corona information pages for more local information

We are living in an era in which we need to take into consideration the current situation with Covid-19. We care for your health and safety while valuing choice and freedom. We are doing our best to form a strong, clear, and inclusive Covid policy and measures, and applying everything in our power to organize a safe and legal, live, in-person event. 

However, since this event is held in person, the conditions could impact international travel and gatherings in large groups. For this reason, we will be waiting to confirm this training until 01-Apr-2022 (3 months before the start date) and monitoring the situation closely both before and after this date. A summary of the Covid safety measures:

1. Before arrival

If you cancel before arrival due to a positive Covid test, you have two options:

  1. Transfer 100% of tuition to a future IIT
  2. Receive 100% refund of tuition

3. On arrival and during your stay

No tuition refund is available. If you have any symptoms of flu, we will ask you to get a Covid test kit from the organizers. In case the result is positive, inform the organizers immediately. They will arrange a separate, private room and can connect you to at least one seminar room with a computer, in case you feel well enough to participate from your room.

We will minimize contact with people outside of our group and ask you to limit physical interaction with all non-participants, with only our group and the staff present during the whole 10 days. We will do our best to assure safety for the whole group. 

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