This unique Midnight Sun IIT Finland will be held in the Kiponniemi Activity Resort located in the middle of the beautiful lake district of Finland, about 18 km from the city of the Jyväskylä. The place is a very popular destination for peaceful holiday-seekers during all seasons.  Outdoor wooden shelters, lean-tos and excellent campfire possibilities throughout the area provide rest places for picnics in the woods. Kiponniemi calls you to come and stay, and enjoy its peaceful natural surroundings by the clean peninsula waters and is a perfect place to center your mind, spirit, and practice of NVC. 


Kiponniemi offers comfortable accommodation in 3-5 person rooms, which are located in the main building on the campus. There are also limited single rooms, shared rooms in the main building, shared rooms in cabins, and shared rooms with loft beds. Other facilities are two saunas by the shore of the lake and a fireplace room for 12 people. Prices include three meals per day and coffee breaks. The venue offers vegetarian and vegan options. Please indicate your choice in the IIT application form.

Kiponniementie 84
41940 Vesanka

Website of the Kiponniemi

Commute daily

We strongly invite you to stay with us for the whole time, as evenings and mornings can be a place and time for some extra activities, offered content, music, light talks, peaceful walk, or a cosy rest. However, if you might live nearby and it would support you more to drive daily to the venue, we can support that.

In the Commute daily package, we have included two meals per day (lunch and dinner), and two coffee breaks during the day including coffee and tea. If you would like to join us for breakfast or evening snacks too, please let us know beforehand (payable extra).

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