The complete Midnight Sun IIT Finland costs consist of a: 

  • tuition fee (payable in US Dollars to CNVC; all prices in EUR are informative) and
  • accommodation fee (payable in local currency (EUR) to the venue/organizer)

Tuition fee

Early Bird Discount:

Receive 15% off tuition on payments received in full by April 11th2022. Registration opens in February, 2022 (5 months before). Payments for Midnight Sun IIT Finland and accommodation open on April 1st, (3 months before). Tuition Fee Payable to CNVC under this option is $ 1,989 USD approx. € 1.675 EUR.


  • 15% for Certification Candidates
  • 15% for repeat participants of an IIT or VIT
    (Note: only one of these discounts may apply; you may combine this with the early bird discount)

We understand that people have varying financial resources, and we would like to include as many people as possible in our training events.

In some cases, we can offer financial tuition assistance, however, discounts are not applicable for Room and Board, which is booked directly with the venue. If you would like to request tuition assistance, please apply for it in the IIT registration, which opens in February 2022. 


Tuition Rates Total Fee Tuition Fee payable to CNVC  
Full Tuition $ 2.340 USD
€ 2115 EUR*
– 15% off full tuition
– by April 11th , 2022 (Payments open on April 1st)
$ 1,989 USD
€ 1.798 EUR*

* Prices in EUR (€) are for your information only, tuition is paid in USD only. Please convert to your currency.

Accommodation fee


Stay at Kiponniemi: Prices include three meals per day and coffee breaks during the day.

Commute Daily: Prices include two meals per day (lunch and dinner included, but breakfast and evening snacks are not included) and coffee breaks during the day. If you would like to join us for breakfast or evening snacks too, please let us know beforehand (payable extra).

Food choice: The venue offers vegetarian and vegan options. Please indicate your choice in the IIT application form.


Accommodation Type                                               Accommodation Fee per person payable to the venue/organizer
Single room   €  1171 EUR / per person
Shared room (2-4 persons)   €  766 EUR / per person
Shared room cabin (>2 persons)   €  721 EUR / per person
Shared room loft beds (>2 persons)   €  701 EUR / per person
Caravan   €  486 EUR / per person

Camping in a tent

Bring your own tent or rent tents with different prices (for more details see below)

  €  468 EUR / per person

Commute daily
lunch and dinner included

If you would like to join us for breakfast or evening snacks too, please let us know beforehand (payable extra).

  €  410 EUR / per person



Camping: rental includes tent and sleeping pads (air beds). Note: tent accommodation 468€ / per person is not included.

Please notice: pictures are model images only, may not exactly match the tent model in real life.

Entry level 2 persons: € 90 EUR / tent

Standard level 2-4 persons: € 117 EUR  / tent

Intermediate, 2-4 persons: € 198 EUR  / tent

Glamping: all included

Glamorous class camping, a tent for 2 persons max: : € 645 EUR / per person (includes tent accommodation 468 EUR / per person)

In this glamorous tent there are 2 single beds, two bedside tables, a table, a carpet or shoe rack and a clothes hanger near the doorway.

Cancellation policy for accommodation costs

  • If Kiponniemi cancel this training, you will receive a 100% refund of accommodation paid.
  • until June 11th 2022, we will refund the full payment less the deposit                                 (the deposit of 150 EUR / per person will not be refunded),
  • after June 12th 2022, no refunds are possible.

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