Hanna Savanna

Hanna Savanna

 CNVC Certified NVC Trainer, NVC mediator, and TRE-counselor

My first IIT was in Switzerland with Marshall Rosenberg in December 1999.  And the last time I attended an IIT, this time as a trainer, was over 15 years ago with Marshall Rosenberg, Eva Rámbala, and Eva Hava Jonai in Hungary. Now I am happy and excited to be the organizer and host for the first time in Finland and contribute to an often life-changing experience for my Finnish friends and, of course, the international NVCers around the world.

This time I am excited to be able to observe my colleagues with more experience from training in prior IITs. I am positive that I will certainly be inspired and learn a lot about how IITs work nowadays.

I’ve been a  CNVC Certified NVC Trainer since 2002. For about 10 years now, I have offered one-year-long NVC training programs through my company, Savanna ConneXions, which celebrated its 20th birthday in 2020. More than 20 groups have completed my training program and received the title of “Rakentavan vuorovaikutuksen ohjaaja, RVO” (in English: Constructive Communication Counselor,  CCC), which is my company’s trademark. I have gained a lot of experience in planning extensive training programs, supporting groups through a long-term intensive learning process, and supporting individuals as part of the group.

In addition to the year-long open-to-all training programs, I train various business groups and organizations, and hospitals, schools, communities, and social services in the public sector. I have provided mediation, mediation training, lectures, speeches, and shorter training courses as well.

During our time together in Finland, I believe that in addition to my role as the organizer together with my team, I will be offering support to the group and individuals whenever I sense there might be a need and space for it.

Currently, my focus is shifting more and more towards supporting people who wish to become Certified NVC Trainers, and therefore, for example, attended CNVC Assessment Events. In Finland, I am mentoring a group of around 20 participants, who have started or plan to start their certification process. I am the only active CNVC Certified Trainer in Finland at the moment and therefore, I long to have colleagues to work with and continue my work after my time.

With a warm welcome, I am looking forward to meeting you all in Kiponniemi, Finland! Let’s have the time of our lives! Hanna

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