Roxy Manning

Roxy Manning (USA)

CNVC Certified NVC Trainer

Roxy’s life experience as an Afro-Caribbean immigrant in the United States, combined with her academic training and professional work as a licensed clinical psychologist and CNVC Certified Trainer, have cultivated a deep passion in her for work that supports social change at the personal, interpersonal, and systemic levels. Roxy is excited whenever she is helping opposing voices hear each other and see past individual hurt and struggles to the structures that contribute to those challenges. At this IIT, she hopes to support the authentic and vulnerable exploration of NVC to support our individual healing and to build communities where people from all levels of society trust their needs matter and develop strategies that better meet all needs. Fun notes about Roxy: She is the mom of three kids, an avid reader, and baker, and has a huge love of travel.

Hanna Savanna, NVC-kouluttaja, NVC, CNVC Certified Trainer, rakentava vuorovaikutus, työnohjaus, konfliktit työyhteisössä

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