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International trainings and events

Since 2000, Savanna ConneXions has had the pleasure of bringing international NVC trainers to Finland to provide workshops, trainings and other events. See below for the next opportunity!

Upcoming events

First time in Finland:


Embodied Communications

Making Life Real

A Modern Awareness Practice

with Patrick Siebert, Texas, USA

This training is postponed. The dates, location and the prices will be changed.

Elontuli, Karjalohja, March 24th–26th, 2023
Will be postponed, we will update the future dates as soon as we know them.

Prices (incluce the training and room and board in Elontuli)

  • Early bird until Jan 15th, 2023: 550 euros
  • After Jan 15th: A sliding scale of your choice: 600, 650, 700, 750, 800 euros*

Enrolments After you have filled in this form you will receive an invitation email with more information and payment instructions. Please fill in before February 15th, 2023 (and January 15th for Early Bird price). We will welcome about 30 participants.

Pat shares about the meaning of this course: 

Awareness of your body’s sensations, how your mind works, and the importance of your emotions is crucial to unlocking the wisdom of communicating honestly with oneself and others, especially when the stakes are high and emotions are piqued. Integrating your body, mind, emotions, and connection to others is what I call “Making Life Real.”

Because of technology, our sedentary lifestyles, and our choice to live fast-paced, busy lives, we are becoming increasingly disembodied. As a result, we lack a connection between purposeful physical activity and our inherited, fully embodied nature. 

Because of our choices, with our consent, we drift into unhealthy tribalism. Being aware of the necessity of a deeper collaboration is essential if we are to solve our individual, family, communal, and worldwide problems. It’s that simple and that complex. The choice to participate is yours. Our vision needs only a small portion of the population to succeed. Are you in? 

Pat shares about his background:

I met Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in 1981 while attending a five-day somatic workshop, Awareness Through Movement. I opened the Feldenkrais Center of Austin in 1985. His ideas are the cornerstones of what I do today.

In 1997, I experienced the same excitement and connection with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and added his process, known as nonviolent communication (NVC), to my work. 

Finally, in 2007, I added restorative justice (RJ) to my personal and professional practice. I studied with Dominic Barter of Brazil. His work supports community members in building justice systems so that their justice reflects the cultural framework of those most directly affected.

The principles of these modalities harmonize in surprising ways, creating lasting changes in my life and the lives of my clients and community. I call the synthesis of these practices Embodied Communications.

‘By my body’s action, teach my mind.’ – William Shakespeare.


Pat shares about this course:

Through Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes, you will develop a new somatic sensitivity through these fifty-to-sixty-minute meditative movement lessons. These somatic explorations will change ineffective habits restricting your freedom of movement and thought. This process is not about correcting defects or treating an illness but is about revitalizing growth, development and personal evolution.

This somatic aspect of embodied communication is unique and is the root of all development. What most people find intriguing are the unreasonable effectiveness of light touch and the various benefits of neuroplasticity employed. 

We will also have sessions involving communication skills—specifically, my interpretation of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communications, also known as Compassionate Communication. You will organize your actions, create order from disorder, and make sense of the nonsense by understanding why we act in ways connected to human needs.

We will have breakout sessions at the end of every day to discuss what we are learning from one another and share our findings with the community.

The quote from Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais summarizes it all: “In those moments when awareness succeeds in being at one with senses, feeling, thought, and movement, the carriage will speed along on the right road. Then man can make discoveries, invent, create, innovate, and ‘know.’ He grasps that his small world and the great world around are but one and that in this unity, he is no longer alone.”

The course offers these benefits for physical, emotional, mental and community resilience

  • Reducing physical, psychological and emotional tension
  • Sleeping better and waking rested
  • Developing deeper, relaxed breathing
  • Having a more upright posture
  • Improving your biology
  • Enhancing your coordination
  • Creating spontaneous, well-thought-out actions
  • Learning to trust in your intuitions
  • Using concrete steps to becoming more present
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Learning about the unreasonable effectiveness of a light touch
  • Creating order in the disorderly and making sense of the nonsense
  • Living an even more fulfilling and connected life

Obstacles or Challenges

  • Do you blame others for your difficulties?
  • Are your disagreements creating more stress than resolution? 

How do you know you will benefit from this course?

  • Do you notice that you are about to say something that will create difficulty for yourself and say it anyway? 
  • You say yes when you would prefer to say no.
  • You would like help getting the cooperation you desire.
  • Do you wake up thinking about unresolved difficulties, dreading the day’s activities?
  • You find yourself thinking about your struggles in a loop-the-loop fashion, and the thoughts return at the most inopportune moments.
  • You are overwhelmed more than you like.
  • Would you like a better relationship, although it is already good enough? 
  • Or, hell, maybe just for fun, you want to get a little better at something specific or at everything you do?

Comments on Pat’s work

  • There are very few practitioners who both surprise and impress me with their skill-these days-Pat is one of them. (Will R.)
  • Receiving a treatment from Pat involves more than one trick and is always a treat. (Amy K.)
  • When I started using Pat’s method, I felt frustrated because, as a writer, I value my grasp on the English language and all of a sudden, that grasp had become tenuous. (Sam M.)
  • Every session with Pat, something I didn’t know about myself, something practical that I can sense and use immediately, reveals itself.

* About the sliding scale
We would also like to give people with different economical resources a possibility to participate in this training and therefore we request of you to pay an amount of your choice extra (anything above 600 euros), which goes to Savanna ConneXions scholarship account and which we will then use to support those, who do not have resources right now. 
In case you pay more than the minimum request, you are helping us forward your gift and contribute to the wellbeing of more people!

You will learn through concrete examples how nebulous concepts like awareness, presence, body and mind and community are not only related but also inseparable.
Patrick Siebert
Patrick Siebert
Patrick Siebert
Patrick Siebert
Patrick Siebert
Patrick Siebert
Patrick Siebert
Patrick Siebert
Patrick Siebert

Past events

THE MIDNIGHT SUN IIT FINLAND 2022, Kiponniemi, Jyväskylä, July 2022

International Intensive Training (IIT), a 9-day intensive training together with the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

STEPPING STONE EVENT, an advanced training for optional Certification Candidates

17–20 September, 2021, The Friendship Inn, Kruusila

Towe Widstrand, Sweden and Shona Cameron, France, CNVC Certified Trainers and Assessors from the ESEAT Team (=English Speaking European Assessment Team)


26-28 July, 2021, in Kiponniemi, Vesanka, Finland

Kirsten Kristensen, CNVC Certified Trainer, family therapist, mediator and CNVC board member from Denmark.

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland

A HELPING HAND! An advanced mediation training

17-18 April, 2021, in Zoom

Liv Larsson, CNVC Certified Trainer, Mediator and Author of the book Helping Hand from Sweden.

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland


A HELPING HAND! An advanced mediation training

12–13 December, 2020, in Zoom

Liv Larsson, CNVC Certified Trainer, Mediator and Author of the book Helping Hand from Sweden.

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland

Break free and stand tall as you share NVC!

16–18 November 2018, The Friendship Inn, Kruusila

Shona Cameron, CNVC Certified Trainer and Assessor, UK

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland

Intimacy with Life

9–13 July 2018, Espoo

Robert Kržišnik, CNVC Certified Trainer, Slovenia

Noa Ilay Shilo, Israel

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland

Retreat: The field where we meet

8–12 February 2017, The Friendship Inn, Kruusila

Robert Kržišnik, CNVC Certified Trainer, Slovenia

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland


Embodying the Spirit of NVC

19–22 February 2016, The Friendship Inn, Kruusila

Robert Kržišnik, CNVC Certified Trainer, Slovenia

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland

Anger, Guilt and Shame

18–20 October 2013, Espoo

Liv Larsson, CNVC Certified Trainer, Sweden

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland


Nonviolent Communication based Mediation Training

28 February – 9 November 2011, Tuusula

Liv Larsson, CNVC Certified Trainer, Sweden

Kay Rung, empathy and mediation trainer, Sweden

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland

The Power of Empathy

24–26 April 2009, Pernaja

Jeyanthy Siva, international trainer, mediator and coach, Sri Lanka

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland


Me in the World – the World in Me

7–9 April 2006, Karjalohja

Liv Larsson, CNVC Certified Trainer, Sweden

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland

Continuation NVC Training with Marshall Rosenberg

27–29 August 2005, Espoo

Marshall Rosenberg, CNVC, USA

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland


Conference – Nonviolent Communication as a process in victim-offender mediation and other conflict situations 

5–6 June 2004, Helsinki

Marshall Rosenberg, CNVC, USA

Patricia Dannahy, CNVC Certified Trainer, Young Offenders Project in Prisons, UK

Dow Gordon, former prisoner, Freedom Project Core Team Member, USA

Thomas Ekbom, Prison and Probation Services, Sweden

Allan Schurmann, police officer, Danish Center for Conflict Resolution, Denmark

Juhani Iivari, Research Director, Finland

Hanna Savanna, CNVC Certified Trainer, Finland

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